Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage – JDG vs LNG Match Preview

Oct 22, 2023

With both two teams on a 2-0 record, JDG and LNG will face off Worlds Swiss Stage Round 3 to qualify for the Knockouts.

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Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage – JDG vs LNG – October 21, 08:00 CET

It was another victorious day for JDG and LNG, as they are the two LPL teams to lock in two wins in the Swiss round. JDG dominated BLG on Day 2, closing out the game in less than 25 minutes. Not only did they get the better draft but Ruler and Kanavi also smurfed the entire game, giving no chance for BLG to make a comeback.

Just like everyone expected, JDG are looking like a dominant force and the game against LNG will tell us whether they are still the undisputed no.1 Chinese team. Speaking of LNG, the team took a convincing victory against a great Cloud9, who was able to keep up in the early and mid-game. That said, the LPL #3 seed showed better teamfight coordination, taking them down in a little over 32 minutes. Will they be able to make the upset happen against JDG? Let’s break down the match.

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Two of the most stacked teams at Worlds

Even though LNG was the third seed from the LPL, they were actually the second-strongest team in the Summer Split. They were able to force JDG to Silver Scrapes in the finals, trading advantage back and forth across all games. This is because LNG has a stacked lineup with the addition of GALA, who is probably just a small tier below Ruler.

That said, LNG can count on Scout and Tarzan, who are probably the closest in terms of firepower to JDG’s jungle-mid duo. This will likely be the key to the match: Kanavi is known to be JDG’s key member in the early-game transition, and he’s going to play for Ruler and Knight. If Tarzan can match that, then there is a chance for LNG to fight and contend for victory.

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